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San Miguel Book Fair

Saturday, August 12, 11am-2pm
Casa Europa, San Francisco 23

San Miguel Book Fair

By Susan Page

A wonderful book is often the most appreciated and most thoughtful gift to take back home if you are visiting San Miguel, or to savor for yourself if you live here. And if you are looking for greeting cards with a San Miguel theme, look no further. The San Miguel Book Fair is your chance to shop for books by local authors and cards by local artists, and to meet the authors and artists themselves. You will find especially wonderful greeting cards with San Miguel themes, Rhonda’s best ever map of San Miguel, sketches of San Miguel by Susan Dorf, amazing pop-up scenes by Julie Brumlik, and many wonderful books by local authors including many about San Miguel itself.

Under the leadership of Sarah Powers, the Book Fair has grown each year as San Miguel residents and visitors realize what wonderful discoveries await them when they visit the Book Fair.

Books on display will include a number of books about San Miguel and Mexico and about the experience of living here. The San Miguel’s Literary Sala’s anthology of stories, essays, and poetry about San Miguel, Solamente En San Miguel, will be available, as well as John Scherber’s books, Into the Heart of Mexico and Living in San Miguel. His mystery series that takes place in San Miguel is also very popular, as are Joseph Toone’s enlightening guides to the history of San Miguel. Charlotte Bell’s account of the women’s collective in a rural village near San Miguel, including moving photos, is a captivating and educational read. The same is true of Beldon Butterfield’s meticulously researched and beautifully told, accessible and educational book, Mexico Behind the Mask, a must read for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of today’s Mexico. Butterfield came to Mexico as a reporter for Time in 1962.

Several San Miguel residents have recently completed memoirs, including Cynthia Claus whose book, An Orchid Sari, is hot off the press, and the amazing story of Glad Farm by Catherine Marenghi, a memoir that has been compared to The Glass Castle. Agnes Olive will be there with Letters from Pakistan, her account of her experience in Pakistan in 1984, along with Frank Thoms writing about his more than thirty years teaching middle school youth.

Elsmarie Norby, the director of the extraordinary after school arts and literature program for children in the campo, called Ojala Niños, will be at the Book Fair with her wonderful greeting cards featuring her captivating photos of San Miguel and of the children in her program. The above list is not exhaustive; many other wonderful authors will be there with their books.

Plan to stop by the Book Fair on Saturday, August 12, from 11 to 2. The Book Fair will be located in Casa Europa on Calle San Francisco at the intersection of Juarez (the street with the old gas pump.) You will experience the wealth of literary and artistic talent among San Miguel residents, meet local authors, and have your books signed and personalized. We look forward to seeing you there.


11:00 a.m. James Cervantes
11:15 a.m. Ellen Akerman
11:30 a.m. Catherine Marenghi
11:45 a.m. Frank Thoms
12:00 p.m. Lynda Schor
12:15 p.m. Dennis Lanson

12:30 p.m. Agnes Olive
12:45 p.m. Joseph Toone
1:00 p.m. Glen Pourciau
1:15 p.m. Margaret Nash
1:30 p.m. Barbara Hayes Deehan
1:45 p.m. Laura Juliet Wood

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