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Codex Mendoza - talk

Tuesday, August 15, 3pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Relox 50A

Codex Mendoza - talk

By Guillermo Méndez

One of the most fascinating documents of the immediate post-conquest era in Mexico is the Aztec book known as the CODEX MENDOZA. The codex was commissioned by the first viceroy of New Spain (Mexico), Antonio de Mendoza. It was made by Aztec scribes in the Aztec style of the early 16th century. Since the Aztecs had no written language, their books contained only images. Nevertheless they were able to communicate a great deal as the Codex Mendoza reveals. The codex was made at about the same time that San Miguel de Allende was founded: 1541-42.

With a little knowledge it is possible to “read” this document and gain considerable insight into the culture of the reigning indigenous power in central Mexico in the early 16th century. The codex contains sections on the history and conquests of the Aztec kings, the tax or tribute lists of conquered cities, and perhaps most interesting of all, a section on Aztec daily life, including birth ceremonies, marriage rites, child-rearing practices, education, warfare training, and moral customs.

The Codex Mendoza is the subject of an illustrated lecture (in English) by retired professor of Humanities Guillermo Méndez.

All of the speaker’s fee is donated to the Biblioteca’s.

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