Works in Progress,Ten Writers Read from Their Works
San Miguel Literary Sala Presents

Thursday, June 21, 5-7pm
Hotel Posada de Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio #15
$100 pesos ($50 pesos for Literary Sala members)
Complimentary Wine Reception

Works in Progress: A Literary Feast

By Susan Page

One of the Literary Sala’s perennially popular events will occur on June 21 from 5 to 7 PM at the Aldea Hotel, when ten San Miguel writers will read from their works. You will hear a sampling of some of the best writers working here today, including fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and poetry.

Tree Bernstein
Tree Bernstein recently served as a senior Peace Corps Volunteer in Cambodia. Her memoir, Mistranslations, was written in San Miguel. She taught writing at Brooks Institute for a decade and poetry workshops with California Poets in the Schools. Her MFA in Writing & Poetics is from the Naropa Institute.

Rosaleen Bertolino
Rosaleen Bertolino will read from Green Man, a story about a woman on a road trip with her dead husband’s ghost. Her fiction has most recently appeared in Superstition Review, New England Review, Storyscape, and Gravel. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she moved to San Miguel last summer. 

Wendy Bichel
Wendy Bichel is a lyricist, librettist and composer. Her works have been produced in New York City and San Miguel, where her musical Bikers in Camelot will be produced next winter. Recently she discovered there is little difference between writing lyrics and poetry. Poetry offers more freedom, and the musicality remains.

Susan Boland
Susan Boland’s hair-raising nonfiction book Secondhand Memories is the true story of a Canadian housewife who became an unwitting guinea pig in a brutal “brainwashing” experiment, funded by the CIA, designed to erase her mind and re-program her as an assassin. The housewife was Susan Boland’s mother.

Libbe Denard
Local poet Libbe Denard will read from her new collection entitled Whispered with the Wind. It is two stories: a woman struggling to come into her true spirit, and a community in mid-20th century America. Libbe’s photographs, prose and poetry are brought to life by her travels around the world.

Sallie Latch
Sallie Latch will read from Hear Me, a collection of raw interviews she conducted with refugees, international volunteers, and Greek nationals while she was in Greece during the refugee crisis. She has written free-lance articles on social issues through the years.

Sarah Pankow
In Sarah Panlow’s novel, Gaia, a free-spirited German woman moves to the Emirates in search of change and encounters a culture clash. Naked is Sarah’s first novel. I’m currently in the third round of editing it and hope to find a publisher in Germany this summer.

Sharon Steeber
The novel But Do You Love Me With Locura? tells the story of an American journalist and the Mexican doctor she meets while researching attitudes of rural Mexican women toward birth control. Sharon Steeber’s published works include a novel, The Jews, and a textbook series, Reading Faster and Understanding More.

Carolyn Studer
In her memoir, Soon and Very Soon, Carolyn Studer writes about her father, a Presbyterian Minister who desegregated a church on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. Carolyn previously co-authored The Oregon New Schools Catalog, and has published numerous articles on racial and gender justice. 

Mary Katherine Wainwright
A Taste of Salt is Mary Katherine Wainwright's work in progress: a collection of poems written over the last forty years. She earned a Ph.D. in American Studies at Purdue University and has published poetry in various literary periodicals. She currently teaches classes in literature at the Lifelong Learning Program.


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