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El Andén, Flamenco - theater

Saturdays, December 2,9, 6pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Relox 50A

El Andén, Flamenco - theater

Some people say love is probably the strongest force in the universe and it has inspired thousands of stories and works of art throughout human history. This time is no exception , we have devoted ourselves to revive one of these stories in the form of Flamenco theater, using several elements such as live music, scenic arts and Flamenco dancing.

The story is a song called “Penelope”, the tale of a woman so in loved she waits on the same train station for her lover to go back to her every single day, and so she waits for years. The lyric was written by Joan Manuel Serrat and musicalized by Augusto Algueró in 1969. It’s a modern version inspired by the myth of Ulysses, King of Ithaca (also known as Odysseus) who goes to war leaving her wife Penelope behind for about 20 years. But in this version they focus on her waiting, her devotion and faith and they give Penelope a magic touch. To Serrat and Algueró time stops in Penelope and her space remains the same, Penelope’s eyes are immerse in the past as she waits patiently for her happy ending. But, willshegetitfinally?

So don’t miss this amazing original staging provided to you by Al Compás Academy and Luna Soleáassemble. There will be musicians playing and singing live after and during the show and scenic performances that will include acting, flamenco dancing and special effects (mapping), all for your pleasure! We’ll be performing on December 2nd and December 9th, in Teatro Santa Ana, located in Relox Street 50, downtown (corner with Insurgentes Street) at six o'clock in the afternoon. Hurry up and get your tickets! We’ll be more than glad to see you there!

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