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The Beatles Acoustic - concert

Saturday, October 7, 7pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Relox 50A

The Beatles Acoustic - concert

It is a musical proposal presented by Armando Blue and Enrique Garrik, both Salmantinos musicians with more than ten years of experience in their independent projects that now come together to pay tribute to The Beatles, the British band that changed the direction of music in the world in the 60's.

The main challenge of this musical project has been to adapt to two guitars and two vocals the most emblematic songs of the four of Liverpool, producing between both different arrangements in the intros of songs, bridges and "solos", without losing the essence of the original songs and respecting the musical structure of the same, but with the touch and the style just proposed.

Far from pretending to imitate the legendary band, the proposal lies in a total sonority and acoustic production that invites a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, but which in the end invites to that magical journey in time thanks to the goodness of music.

Objectives of the musical project:
Continue to spread the musical legacy of The Beatles to the new generations.

Keep spreading the music for those who already like the British band.

Propose an acoustic project whose production and special arrangements have been made between both musicians.

Grow musically as musicians in our future proposals.
This presentation is sponsored by the media El Salmnatino and by the store of musical instruments Melodía y Armonía.

We are very grateful for the facilities they have given us in the Santa Ana Theater, they are very kind and professional people. And also the public of San Miguel de Allende has always welcomed us with open arms, it is always a pleasure to come and sing to this beautiful city.

We hope they follow us on our social networks like Enrique Garrik and Armando Blue.

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