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Book Fair, Literary Sala - mixed

Saturday, December 9, 11am-3pm
Casa de Europa, San Francisco 23

Book Fair, Literary Sala - mixed

Local Authors Will Read at Saturday’s Book Fair
By Sarah Grace Powers

Who doesn’t love a good book? With the holiday season approaching you might be planning some travel and looking for an interesting new book to take with you. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a great book to give as a gift.

That’s an excellent reason to stop by the Book Fair this Saturday, where you’ll find numerous books in various genres penned by local authors, including a few in Spanish.

A popular feature of the Book Fair is the mini-readings that are ongoing throughout the day. The authors read or tell stories from their own books, and perhaps answer a few questions. These readings are a wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with the authors.

Check out the reading schedule below, and learn more about the authors and their books at

Reading Schedule:

11:00 Frank Thoms, Conversations on Teaching: 20th Century Teachers Talk with 21st Century Teachers. After a 50-year teaching career, this is his latest book.
11:15 Barbara Hayes Deehan, To Find the Way of Love, winner of four awards, including one for World Peace, the book was written by her late husband, Oliver Deehan.
11:30 Cliff DuRand, Moving Beyond Capitalism, a collection of activist essays.
11:45 Catherine Marenghi, Glad Farm, a powerful memoir of poverty, loss, and resilience.

12:00 Agnes Olive, Spirit of the Earth, An Artist's Retrospective, her latest book.
12:15 Joseph Toone, Christmas, about our town’s unique Christmas traditions that are an extraordinary mixture of an ancestral pagan past and the Catholic faith.
12:30 Jan Baross, Cuba, an illustrated travel book and coloring book.
12:45 Margaret Nash, Artful Assertiveness Skills for Women, useful tips, with plenty of humor, from a life coach and workshop leader.
1:00 Ellen Akerman, Buddy’s Story, a fictional memoir about her uncle who had cerebral palsy in a time when the condition was misunderstood.
1:15 Florence Grende, The Butcher’s Daughter, an unflinching account of what it means to be the child of Holocaust survivors.
1:30 Cynthia Claus, An Orchid Sari: The Personal Diary of an American Mom in 1960s India, a memoir of traveling to India with her young son to meet her husband’s family.
1:45 Honora Simon, Here, in the Morning, a book of poems about awareness and nature
2:00 Jean Gerber, Traveling Without Reservations, a memoir of two years of travel adventuring with her husband.
2:15 Margaret Paul, Conversations with Artists in San Miguel de Allende, a historical perspective of local artists, both living and now passed away.
2:30 Nora Cohen, Alfalfa's Glasses (Los Anteojos de Alfalfa), one of a series of bilingual children’s books that support local nonprofits
2:45 Linda Sonna, Tortillas & Peanut Butter: True Confessions of an American Mom Turned Mexican, a true story of her zany contraband mom’s adventures.

The San Miguel Literary Sala presents a Holiday Book Fair in Centro San Miguel, at Casa Europa en Mexico.

Admission is free.

This is a rare opportunity to meet and chat with local authors and purchase from them directly! Books make wonderful holiday gifts. And, since most authors are on site, the books you purchase can be personally signed by the author.

Most books are in English, but this year we are so happy to feature some Spanish language authors as well!

Also for sale will be locally crafted artisanal items such as cards, maps, photography, jewelry and more! Again, many great holiday gift ideas.

The Casa Europa restaurant will be serving coffee, snacks and full meals. So, if you come hungry you can take a break from browsing for some delicious food and beverages.

Join us at Casa Europa, just 2 blocks from the Jardin and directly across from Plaza San Francisco.

See you there!


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