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The Brain Exchange - mixed

Wednesday, January 10, 3-5pm
LifePath Center, Rinconada de La Aldea 29

The Brain Exchange - mixed

By Susan Page

The San Miguel Brain Exchange is a branch of an organization that started in Berkeley, California twenty-three years ago. The San Miguel Brain Exchange met for six years, took a break for several years, and is now in its third year of phase two.

The group uses a light structure to assist whoever comes to the group with a dilemma, a challenge, a problem, a need for inspiration or ideas, or a warm embrace. Issues range from deeply personal needs to marketing or business ideas and everything inbetween. Brainstorming is different from discussion. The goal is not to evaluate or discuss each idea that is suggested, but rather to generate as many different ideas as we possibly can. Some will be new and exciting for the person with the challenge; some will be impractical or already attempted. None of that matters, because every idea will potentially trigger another idea in someone else, and that may be the idea that is magic for the person asking the question. The questioner has no obligation to use any of the ideas or to report back to the group about what worked or what didn’t. Sometimes a person will report back about a great success that is the result of an idea from the Brain Exchange, and that adds to the group exhileration.

When you state your question outloud in this public setting, you are already taking a step toward a solution. You have now clearly stated—to yourself and to others—that you want to move forward, and it is that clear request that enables the universe to move with you, to support you, in all kinds of ways you cannot imagine while you are still afraid to ask. All women agree to keep everything that goes on inside the circle each month totally confidential.

The collective wisdom—and humor—of women focusing their energy on one person and one issue is powerful and productive. “I always go away feeling embraced and supported, whether or not I asked for help this time,” said a veteran Brain Exchanger. “I love it when we laugh,” said another. “Some people are so clever.”

The drop-in group meets once a month with both regulars and new attendees every month. Don’t wait until you need an idea or have a problem; you are welcome any time. Contributing ideas to others is definitely half of the fun and satisfaction. Plus, the networking and meeting new women who might end up being key people in your life is another benefit of the circles.

Under the leadership of Sarah Powers, Susan Page, and Margaret Nash, the next meeting of the Brain Exchange will take place on Wednesday, December 13 from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. The group always meets on the second Wednesday of the month from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, always at the LifePath Center, Rinconada de la Aldea #29 (except February, April, and May, when we don’t meet.) No reservation is needed. However, we ask that you plan to stay for the entire meeting, as a courtesy to all the women who attend. $50 pesos covers the cost of renting the room. To find us, enter the Aldea Arch on Zacateros, and the walking path will be on your right. Follow the walking path to the Lifepath Center.

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