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The Doors Of Me, Paul Voudouris - concert

Friday, December 15, 7pm
San Miguel Playhouse, Av. Independencia 82

An Evening of Song and Story with Critically Acclaimed Paul Voudouris
Troubadour and Raconteur

Paul Voudouris is a singer, songwriter, and keyboard artist with twenty albums to his credit, a devoted following, critical acclaim, and a personal history that can only be called improbable. Born in Libya in 1956 to a Greek mother and an American father, Voudouris teamed up with Wisconsin-born musician Chris Spheeris in the 1970s, and the duo became all the rage on the concert circuit, with a unique fusion of new age and pop romanticism. The AllMusic Guide declared the duo had “set standards in new age music circles,” and the two partners recorded a benefit album with luminaries such as Yanni and Vangelis. Then, in the mid-1980s, the duo split up to sign individual record deals – Spheeris with CBS, and Voudouris with EMI. Ill at ease in the world of the major label, Voudouris soon ended his contract and went back to recording independently. And he took to the road. He spent seven years in Sedona, Arizona, before ending up in San Miguel, where he has lived for the past 22 years. For a time, he toured with fellow sanmiguelense musicians Doc Severinsen and Gil Gutierrez. Along the way, he became a Feldenkrais master, and – quite seriously – a designer and vendor of luxury flyswatters.

Voudouris is giving a one-man performance at the San Miguel Playhouse on Friday, December 15, at 7pm, an evening of song and story, in a multicultural and at times bilingual format. Apart from a few covers (Beatles, Bowie, Elton John), Voudouris performs his self-penned songs, at the keyboard, in a style as irresistible as it is hard to define. In the words of The Mac Report, Voudouris’s songs are “not like anything else out there. Haunting, ethereal, eloquent and inspiring.” As for his mainly improvised narration, Voudouris says, “I’ll be talking about marijuana, health, religion, airline travel, humanity, burial ceremonies, and the extra-terrestrials I’ve met, with a Feldenkrais lesson thrown in."

The Voudouris event will be a portal into the mind of a many-faceted artist. Appropriately, he is calling his one-night-only engagement The Doors of Me.

All tickets are 200 pesos, on sale now at Petit Four (Mesones 99-1, near the corner of Hernandez Macias), or $12.55 US (including transaction fee) if purchased online via There will be no reserved seating at this event, so early arrival is recommended. Tickets can also be purchased at the door of the San Miguel Playhouse starting an hour before showtime. The playhouse, located at Av. Indepencia #82, offers free secure parking and taxi concierge service.


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