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The Profound & Powerful Energy of Horses - retreat

Saturday, August 19, 9am-4pm
Unicorn Hill, San Miguel de Allende

The Profound & Powerful Energy of Horses - retreat

Horses have been archetypal messengers throughout the ages and they continue to inspire humanity in deeply meaningful ways. Recently an article in the New York Times Magazine said that “Horses have a profound effect on humans….when you’re around a horse, the energy is so powerful that it tunes up the body.”

Are you ready for a psychic tune-up? Are you in a holding pattern with some of your goals? Do you feel stuck and looking for new inspiration in your life?

Come along to this amazing full day workshop. You will experience hands-on encounters with the horses, under the guidance of Marti McGinnis—horsewoman and equine guided education specialist. You will be challenged in unexpected ways by what you learn about yourself and overcoming your limitations.

No horse experience necessary.

There will be hands on experiences with gentle horses lead by Marti and group discussion led by Margaret Nash, certified Life Coach and workshop leader. We will discuss goals, what is keeping you stuck, and how to make meaningful choices in your life—building on what you have discovered with the horses.

This unique, experiential workshop will be held at a property that overlooks the Allende presa on to the mountains beyond. A gorgeous setting for personal insight.

Discover how close encounters with these amazing animals can change your life!

In collaboration with Margaret Nash, Certified Life Coach.

What’s Included:

Transportation from San Miguel
Lunch, all natural or organic, snacks and beverages
All programming and materials


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