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Tango Therapy - class

Tuesdays through February, 10:30-11:30am
Pure Fitness Studio, Stirling Dickinson 15
$180 pesos per couple per class, $120 pesos per single per class

Tango Therapy - class

NO PARTNER needed!

Time: Tuesdays through February.
10:30 AM to 11:30 AM: it is a 1 hour class followed by an optional 1 hour practice 11:30 to 12:30.
Teachers available for help during practice. Place: Pure Fitness studio, on Stirling Dickinson next to # 15, a few doors down from entrance to Real de Minas Hotel

NEW Price:
180 pesos per couple per class or 650 for the series of 4, paid on first class
120 pesos per single for class, or 450 for the series of 4, paid on first class
30 pesos each person for each practice hour.

Please bring correct change!
For information and to register, email: or call Christina at 154-9085.

Contrary to many forms of exercise that exacerbate joint pain, tire the back, and are repetitive and tedious; Argentine tango is always exciting and creative.We can begin tango as a therapeutic exercise and continue to enjoy it as a dance with more refinement and elegance over the years.

Few dances involve a heart to heart embrace. Human beings need an equivalent of eight hugs a day to enhance the immune system and remain in a satisfactory mental state. Because of the close embrace of tango, a one hour class would be the equivalent of at least twenty hugs.The biological system has an opportunity to leap into super healing mode through tango!

A study done by the Society of Neuroscience in Washington showed that dancing tango boosts brain power that can offset negative symptoms of getting older. Seniors aged 68 to 91 demonstrated improved balance, self-esteem, multi-tasking ability, and motor coordination. Seniors who tangoed were compared with others who walked for exercise, and the tangueros showed more improvement.

With our tango therapy class, we present exercises for people who may be compromised through surgery, accident, or diseases affecting motor skills, the brain, and muscle memory. If you are able to walk, then you can enjoy the therapeutic value of these unique classes. No matter if you are a kinesthetic, visual, auditory or intuitive learner, all are included in this therapeutic workshop.
Tango music requires listening skills, and stretches your brain to coordinate rhythm, and distinguish it from melody. By listening, you may move the sound of music to the heart releasing endorphins and soothing the body. The classes build on each other by repeating and practicing certain moves, by using awareness technique, and by doing small muscle coordination exercises.

Wear shoes with smooth soles, sneaker soles and open back shoes not recommended. Wear comfy workout clothes. Your professional tango instructors have 26 years of teaching experience between them: Christina Johnson and Ezequiel A. Peinado.

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