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Mexican Independence Celebrations

Mexican Independence Celebrations

4:00 pm / Old Municipal Palace / Arrival of Cavalcade of the Conspirators of Queretaro of 1810.

7:00 pm / San Francisco Temple. / Concert of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Guanajuato / Tickets at the Ánngela Peralta Theater.

8:00 pm / Teatro Ángela Peralta / Presentation of the Life and work of Don Ignacio de Allende and Unzaga / Group of fans to the Theater of San Miguel de Allende / Tickets at the box office.

10:00 Hours / Esplanade of the Main Garden / Delivery of Council and Symbolic Fire to different Delegations of other municipalities and states of the country.

1:00 pm / Esplanade of the Atotonilco Garden / Banner Delivery Ceremony in the Sanctuary of Atotonilco with the participation of winners of past editions of the Conspiracy Race and Municipal Authorities. / Race of the Patriotic Symbols.

3:00 pm / Esplanade of the Main Garden / Departure to the City of Querétaro of the Athletic Delegation that won the traditional Symbolic Race ?, to bring the message that the Corregidora Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez sent him by means of Ignacio Perez to Generalísimo Don Ignacio Allende and Unzaga to inform him that the conspiracy had been discovered.

8:00 pm / Departing from the Civic Square (Mesones) / Tour of Torches with the Queen’s Dragons War Band, Municipal Transit Choir and Children of the Chorus Network. 

9:30 pm Hours / Departing from Calz. of the Aurora / Symbolic Representation of the Entrance of the Insurgents to San Miguel El Grande for the Liberation of Prisoners, accompanied by the Dragones de la Reina Municipal Band.

10:55 pm / Traveling through the streets of San Francisco, Main Square and Cradle of Allende, to reach the House of the Generalissimo Don Ignacio de Allende / Arrival of the Libertarian Fire, to give the Cry of Independence.

11:00 pm / Balcony of the House of Generalissimo Don Ignacio Allende and Unzaga / Ceremony of the Cry of Independence, by Lic. Ricardo Villarreal García, Municipal President accompanied by the H. Town Hall and the Queen of Patrias and Regional holidays.

11:15 pm / Main Garden / Burning of pyrotechnic fires and music.

9:00 am / Esplanade of the Main Garden / Civic Act Commemorating the 207th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Struggle for the Independence of Mexico.

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