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This week at el Jardin

Saturday March 24, 2:15pm
Mariachi Group from Queretaro | El Jardin

You won’t want to miss a fantastic mariachi group from Queretaro this Saturday at 2:15 in front of the Parroquia. You’ll see them in their pink mariachi outfits.

They will be here as part of the Grand Finale for Women’s History Month, sponsored by Ser Mujer, a San Miguel based group of Mexican, American and Canadian women who celebrate the successes and honor the struggles of women around the world.

They will lead a procession to El Sindicato, Recreo 4 for a Woman’s Concert headlined by Guatemalan activist, Congressperson and drummer, Sandra Moran. She will be joined by a number of local musicians as Ser Mujer wraps up a series of programs and events honoring women. Tickets are 100 pesos for the concert but the mariachis and the procession are free.

Sunday, March 25, Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos) is held 7 days before Easter Sunday and marks the start of Holy Week (Semana Santa) in Mexico. Churches are decorated with palms to celebrate the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey.

Celebrate Palm Sunday
Churches throughout Mexico are beautifully decorated for special services, where people receive palms. The main attraction in some towns and villages is a procession that reenacts the story of Jesus arriving on a donkey in Jerusalem.


Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende

This holiday varies from date to year, and can be between the months of March and April, when Catholics around the world celebrate Holy Week by remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The religious celebrations last all week, but the most relevant events are held between Thursday and Sunday.

Holy Thursday: After 5:00 pm, Masses of the Eucharistic celebration are celebrated to later make the visit of the seven houses to the Most Holy, which is in its monument erected in each church for its adoration. This visit consists of being present in the seven different churches. Transfer of the Most Holy to his monument in the Temple of Santa Ana. This same day at six o’clock in the afternoon the washing of the feet by Jesus to his Apostles is represented in all the churches. Evening Mass of the Lord of the Column in the Temple of Saint John of God.

Good Friday: In the morning the ceremony of the sentence to Christ takes place in the atrium of the Parish and Church of the Holy School, to later take it in procession to the esplanade of the garden for its encounter with the Virgin Mary, Maria Magdalena , Maria Cleofás, La Verónica and San Juan Evangelista.

This meeting takes place at midday of the day. This procession is represented by Romans and penitents who carry a skull in their hand and wear purple sackcloth of ixtle, following in the footsteps of the priest carrying the cross, as Father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro did from the year of 1765. From the twelve of the day until three o’clock in the afternoon the “Agonías” (The moments of suffering of Christ on the cross) take place in the temple of the Oratory.


Starting at five in the afternoon, the procession of the Holy Burial Procession of Silence begins, led by the Roman army, with the image of Jesus carried by devotees wearing black suits; On the other hand, the ladies carry the image of our Lady of Solitude, all of them dressed in rigorous mourning, followed by young ladies who carry the rest of the images, as well as the angels with the insignia of passion; all accompanied by children and adults who sing the “Christus Factus” accompanied by the Valle de Santiago Orchestra.

This procession has been represented for more than 290 years, and passes through the streets of Mesones, Juarez, San Francisco, Jardín Principal, Hidalgo and Mesones, from there to return to the Temple of the Oratory.
After seven o’clock, the “Agonies or Darkness” exercise takes place in the San Francisco temple.

Saturday of Gloria: At seven o’clock in the afternoon, condolences are held to our Lady of Solitude in the Oratory, with songs alluding to solitude. At nine o’clock in the evening is the Easter Vigil and the Blessing of the New Fire in San Juan de Dios, in the Temple of San Antonio and other temples; from ten to eleven the mass of glory is performed in all the churches of San Miguel de Allende.

Resurrection Sunday: The traditional burning of the Judas takes place at midday on the main square, accompanied by popular festivals.

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