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475th Anniversary Procession of the Lady of Loreto

Friday, September 8, 5pm
From The Santa Escuela, jardín

475th Anniversary Procession of the Lady of Loreto

Friday is the grand procession for the 475th anniversary of Our Lady of Loreto following the same route as Good Friday's procession. Dignitaries and honored locals are in the procession marking our long history with the Virgin that moved her home from the war-torn Middle East to Italy.

During the Revolution from Spain, the Spanish had an inkling Allende and his pals were up to something but could not arrest him as he was leading the military in this same procession to Mary. The extra time gave Allende the upper hand to start the Revolution on September 15th instead of the original planned start on February second for the feast of the Virgin of Saint John of the Lakes, a Mexican image of Mary replaced in the last minute by Guadalupe.

If possible, sneak away for a bit to see the procession and festival for Maria Nina, celebrating the birthday of Mary in Plaza Civica. Fashionistas will be in awe of her hand made dresses.

To paraphrase Jan Brady, "Mary, Mary, Mary"!

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