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The Language Archive - theater

November 9-11, 15-17, 7pm
Teatro Santa Ana, Relox 50A

The Language Archive - theater

A personal message from Fred Dannen

Dear San Miguel Theatergoers,

I am on the board of the San Miguel Playhouse, and co-founder of a new theater company called La Troupe; but I am writing to all of you to urge you to see someone else's production. There are only four more performances of the play I am about to describe, and it is simply too good to miss.

The Symmetry Theater Company, from the San Francisco Bay Area, is performing Julia Cho's award-winning play The Language Archive at the Santa Ana Theater in the Biblioteca, Calle Reloj 50A. Final performances are Saturday, November 11; Wednesday, November 15; Thursday, November 16; and Friday, November 17. The curtain goes up each night at 7pm. Admission is 200 pesos, and tickets are on sale at the Biblioteca box office, or at the door before showtime.

The play is a funny, touching meditation on language, and centers on a linguist struggling to find the words to communicate with his own wife. When The Language Archive was first performed by Symmetry in the Bay Area, The San Francisco Chronicle raved that Symmetry's production was "poignantly comic and beguiling!"

But the play's director, Chloe Bronzan, has not merely transported her cast to San Miguel. Alongside the professional actors from San Francisco, she has cast three talented Latin American actors, who double the play's three lead roles. The result is a bilingual production of Cho's celebrated play about language. Remarkably, the play can be understood and enjoyed by theatergoers proficient in either English or Spanish.

Bilingual theater is a new trend in San Miguel, and particularly welcome at a time when political forces are trying to drive a wedge between our respective cultures instead of uniting us. I wrote an article on this subject in this week's Atencion, which can be read here:

The play is immensely entertaining, the acting is at a level rarely seen in San Miguel, and the production is splendid. Don't miss it.

(A bilingual production)

Symmetry Theatre Company produces a bilingual version of The Language Archive by Julia Cho, with Spanish translation by Octavio Solis. A cast of American and Mexican actors team up to relate a tale of love, language, and how to communicate both.

Ginna Acosta, Christian Baumgartner, Marcela Brondo, Bruce Bronzan, Tamar Cohn, Danielle Levin*, Robert Parsons*, Michael Ray Wisely*, Elena Wright*

Directed by Chloe Bronzan

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