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Light and Sound Digital Art Exposition

Friday, September 8, 5-6pm
St. Paul's Parish Hall, Cardo 6

Light and Sound Digital Art Exposition

Magical realism is most often characterized in literary works, but also is considered in the visual arts. Both use a realistic style with fantastical images. Examples of literary authors are Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, and Colombian author Gabriel Marquez. Examples of visual magical realism would be Freda Khalo, and the works of Remedios Varo.

In this show, Natasha Tylosky, a rising animator and digital illustrator, will be exhibiting her original digital art, which combines surrealism and magical realism. Her style can be particularly seen in her soon to be released Alma video game, a story about a Catrina that journeys through the levels of the Aztec underworld and the trailer can be viewed at

Come participate in this Exposition Friday, September 8th from 5-6pm at the St Paul's Parish Hall, featuring Natasha's work, along with accompanying live music of up and coming pianist star, Emmanuel Rodriguez. Tickets are $200 pesos sold at St Paul's, Solutions and La Conexion. Includes show, one free drink and meeting the artists.

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