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Our Lady of Loreto - fiesta

Saturday, Sunday, September 9, 10, All Day
Calle de Loreto

Our Lady of Loreto - fiesta

Our Lady of Loreto is an image of Mary from back in the 1200s.  Mary looked down from heaven seeing the house she was raised in, and that Jesus lived in for 30 years, was near a battlefield.  Mary swoops down, lifts her old real estate, flies the home across the Mediterranean Sea and plops it down in Loreto, Italy.  Since it was a long flight she loses her arms and hands and that's how you can tell her in art.  Despite holding baby Jesus she has no arms or hands.
This is the image the Canal family choose to represent their family building an exact replica of her home in the Oratorio and creating the street called Loreto.  Plus if you look up when exiting Starbucks the former Canal home (now the red bank building) features Mary in mid-move.
On Loreto street, all weekend, they'll be mechanical rides, dancing, music and rosaries.  Sunday morning at dawn will be a procession and fireworks followed by another day of celebrations on the Virgin's namesake street.

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