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Mexican Culture 305 3 Day Conference, Part 2

September 18-21, Monday, Wednesday, 9am-1:30p, Thursday, 9am-2pm
Mezcal-art, Calzada de la Estación 59
$1,100 early registration, $1200 at conference, $450 p/day 1 or 2 days only

Mexican Culture 305 3 Day Conference, Part 2

1. Introductions & Discussion: What you most like & dislike about Mexico.

2. Conference Theme: 50ACG. Cold Gringos/Meet my best friend, México.
How Mexicans see us & why.

3. Quiz: How Mexican Are You? Part II.

BRUNCH BREAK 11- 11:30

4. Why you need to know Spanish to know Mexico & how to learn it faster!
Spanish word order rules; sounds; Mother Tongue Language Acquisition; common obstacles; Use your English

5. Review & Discussion: Top 5 Mexican Values vs. United Statesian Values (pgs. 2-5)
How the two cultures measure success

DAY II: 9:00am- 1:30pm
6. Mind your own business! The Chingar Life Philosophy (pgs. 8-12)
Water for horses, 066, the pros & cons of social egoism

7. Living Simply: What does a Mexican vs a United Statesian cost the Planet in a lifetime10

8. Mexican Music: some of the most popular songs of all time
A great way to improve your Spanish quickly & know what to request of the mariachis

BRUNCH BREAK 11- 11:30

9. The Mexican Government & What You Need to Know if You Live Here
Political parties, police agencies, Ministerio Público

DAY III: 9:00am- 2:00pm
10. Health & Safety in Mexico
How to stay safe and healthy in Mexico as naturally and affordably as possible.

11. Mexican Food & Drink: Their Significance & Benefits
Most common dishes & beverages, commonly used ingredients, health & benefits

12. Superstition & Witchcraft in Mexico (pgs. 17- 18)
Commonly believed superstitions and how to avoid la brujería

BRUNCH BREAK 11- 11:30

13. Mexican Education System: Top values, costs, private vs public

14. Mexican Holidays & Top Saints: Who is your Saint of Choice?

15. How has becoming more Mexican bettered your life? What is Mexico teaching you?
Reflection & writing time.


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