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St. Michael's Celebration

Friday - Sunday, September 29 - October 8
San Miguel de Allende

St. Michael's Celebration

The Wake
Friday, September 29th, 9PM
Dancers, many with conch shells and xuchiles, in the jardin.
Procession of the Stars
Saturday the 30th, 3AM
The procession of the Stars leaves the Fabrica at 3AM and heads to the jardin.  Started in 1927 by relocated factory workers from Salamanca the procession is in honor of Mary of the Light, patroness of electricians. 
La Alborada (Sunrise)
Saturday the 30th, 4AM
Recreation of the battle of St. Michael kicking Lucifer out of Heaven.  Fireworks fly over the tree line of the jardin and general chaos ensues.
Procession of the Xuchiles
Saturday the 30th, 5PM
Moving ceremony of the Chichimecas bringing back their ancestors on the xuchiles they carried them to burial on to the Parroquia as it was built upon the Chichimeca graveyard.  The procession also marks the end of the Barbarian War between Chichimeca and the Spanish back in the 1500s when a cross appeared in the sky.  Replicas of the cross are seen throughout the procession marketing San Miguel as the center of the cult of the cross and witchcraft.
Day of Fiesta
Sunday, Oct. 1st, 11AM
Another procession of indigenous dancing ending in the jardin.
The Octave
Sunday the 8th, noon and night
The statue of Saint Michael, following a week of visiting local churches returns to the Parroquia following a procession at noon.  Evening fireworks celebrating his return are normally the most spectacular of the year.

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