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Perspectives in Non-Duality with Ravi Nathwani - mixed

Wednesday, November 1, 5pm
Shelter Theater, Vicente Guerrero 4

Perspectives in Non-Duality with Ravi Nathwani - mixed

Many Hindus believe everything is made of one non-dual consciousness and this oneness points to the idea that the universe and all its multiplicity are ultimately expressions of one essential reality. Ravi Nathwani will be hosting a series on Perspectives in Non-Duality at Shelter Theater. Ravi is co-editor of “Mala of the Heart - 108 Sacred Poems”, lectures on a variety of Vedic studies and teaches Yoga-Teacher workshops across the USA.

This series of videos and discussions will focus on exploring the perspectives of “Non-Duality” and how they can be helpful in living life in an apparently “dualistic” world in a creative and practical manner, increasing levels of peace in the mind while reducing the causes of suffering. Come and learn about universal consciousness and the true fabric of reality.

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