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Reflections on Paper - art

Sunday, September 10, 4-7pm
The Studio Space, Subida al Caracol 11

Reflections on Paper - art

For his inaugural exhibition, Luis Lujan (also known as one-half of the dynamic music duo Bohemia Viva) will be showing more than a dozen of his original drawings at The Studio Space. This body of work was created while Luis was touring with Bohemia Viva in Italy, Mexico, the US and Argentina. Measuring only 10 x 5 inches each, Luis’ works are intentionally small. “I chose this size so that I can take them with me from one country to the next. I can't exactly say in which country I started or finished each of them, but what I know for sure is that they have travelled with me, and we reconnected with each other in different parts of the world.”

Luis began studying drawing as a child, at the same school in Argentina as his father. Later in University, Luis majored in graphic design and when his full time music career allows, he “explores a different part of myself and other emotions that can only be reflected on paper with lines. They become a mirror of what I’m feeling at that particular moment.”
Local art curator, artist, art teacher and founder of “Studio Art Camp” Jessica Antonelli finds that Luis’ body of work “depicts whimsical dances between organic and geometric designs. His musical background shows in the rhythmic patterns and textures of his work.”

Indeed, when viewing Luis’ oeuvre it’s evident that his musical background has artfully influenced his love of line and composition. “I have always wondered how my music would look if I could put it on paper. I ask you to enjoy these simple lines hoping they will invoke something in your spirits, which is my only goal.” said Luis.

Reflecting on this opportunity to exhibit his work in San Miguel, Luis says “I feel an overwhelming emotion because I never thought these drawings would become a series, the thrill of framing them, the process of discovering that each of them were becoming part of a whole, and that they will be seen for the very first time - I feel the satisfaction to share something simple, but that still is a piece of me. I am also grateful that I will be joined on this presentation by people who believe in what I do and support my new projects with positive energy.”

Please join us for “Reflections on Paper” where Luis will be showing 13 of his original works, selling his Bohemia Viva CD’s and raffling off one of his pieces “Jungle Spirit” for only $100 pesos, or three chances for $200 pesos! Bienvenidos!

As part of this exhibition, several assemblages with found objects by Joseph Bennett will also be on view. His work can be seen at:


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