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First Degree Reiki Training

Sunday-Tuesday, February 18-20, 1pm
LifePath Center, Rinconada de la Aldea 29

First Degree Reiki Training

Give yourself the gift of Reiki self practice and some mid-winter sun! Learn First degree Reiki at Life Path from a teacher with 30 years Reiki experience.

Whether you are brand new to Reiki practice or you want a refresher, this training will rejuvenate mind, body, spirit — and you meet lovely people looking to do the same! Many special friendships develop in Reiki classes.

You will get everything you need to start your self practice and to practice informally on family, friends and pets. You’ll start practicing an hour into our first session on Friday evening, and leave with the confidence that the balancing effects of your Reiki practice will support your happiness and well-being for the rest of your life.

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