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Shipibo Medicine Retreat
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Friday-Sunday, February 16-18, 6pm
Los Silos, San Miguel de Allende

Shipibo Medicine Retreat

Friends in Mexico, we are really so honored to present to you Laura and Lila- known, with their mother Ynes, as Las Mamitas (the mothers) and Las Maestras (the teachers/masters) to all that have been touched by their gentle but majestic power and healing.

Laura and Lila López are faithful carriers of the extraordinary medicine of the Shipibo-Conibo nation of Peru, one of the finest and most elaborate expressions of the art of Ayahuasca and the medicinal plants of the Amazon. They are heirs of a very strong lineage of Shipibo Onayas (shamanic healers). The Shipibo people have developed one of the most exquisite and precise arts of relating and healing with the plant spirits of the amazon. The beauty of their artwork and their medicine chants (icaros) is the expression of an outstanding technology developed through centuries and generations that make of them probably the most important reference in the global expansion of the use of Ayahuasca.

Laura and Lila's mother, Maestra Ynés Sánchez, is one of the most respected and powerful old school Shipibo healers. Having undertaken all the dietas - learning and healing retreats - of the plants she works with, in the very strict old ways, Maestra Ynés, with more than 50 years of practice, is definitely one of the very few alive Onayas having attained such level of mastery. The very particular realms in which they work demand a very strong, strict and continuous preparation and training. Learning and working with their mother since a very young age, Laura and Lila are accomplished healers and very respected Onayas.

Their world, enchanted and mysterious as only the Amazon can be, makes them understand and solve disease, misfortune and distress from the perspective of predation and survival of an environment inhabited by good and evil spirits, healers and sorcerers in constant conflict. The violent or subtle attacks of these beings manifest along one’s life in many different ways. Despite all this dreadful idea, the powerful medicine of these maestras can be seen and experienced through the great dedication and motherly love with which they navigate within this world at war, giving it all for those who come seeking their help.

To better understand the implications of this paradigm, so far from our understanding of life, we could try to simplify in our terms by saying that actually, our own afflictions and problems are often the result of conflictual, disrespectful or unfortunate relationships with others, with the world that surrounds us and of course, with ourselves. Therefore, through this kind of work, by acting directly in our own being it is possible to harmonize our lives as well as the relationships and the world that influence our existence.

Their main tools are the Ícaros, magical songs transmitted directly by the spirits of the plants. The performance of an ícaro is the particular expression of a fine relationship between the vision in the spiritual world, the vibration of the chant and the search for the healing in the patient’s body and spirit. Through the Ícaros they can diagnose, heal different ailments by negotiating with the spirits of the plants or define an appropriate treatment when needed.

Collaborating closely with the Temple of the Way of Light while developing their own healing center near Pucallpa-Perú - Niwerao Xobo (Home of the Wind Medicine) - their dedication and devotion to their art is total, not only in their mission of helping others with healing any kind of ailment, but also in sharing their knowledge with whoever comes to them with an open heart, pure intentions and strong motivation. "This is why the plants teach us and thus we need to share our knowledge", they often say, against the reserved and hermetic character of their elders and pairs. Mothers, grandmothers, and warriors above all, the work of these extraordinary women is guided by pure love and the power of the Light of Life.

It is for me an urgent but delightful mission to build bridges between our worlds and a great honor to be at the service of these extraordinary women and their medicine.

Hoping to share this magic with you soon, a cordial greeting from the jungle of Peru.

Claude Guislain-anthropologist

February 16-18 Los Silos, San Miguel de Allende

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Medicina de los Shipibo de la Amazonia peruana en Mexico

Laura López y Lila López son fieles portadoras de la extraordinaria medicina de la nación Shipibo-Conibo del Perú, una de las más finas y elaboradas expresiones del arte del Ayahuasca y de las plantas medicinales de la Amazonía. Reconocidas maestras Onaya (curanderas) con más de 25 años de experiencia, Laura y Lila son hijas de la maestra Inés Sánchez, una de las más avanzadas y respetadas entre los poderosos chamanes shipibos. Su herramienta principal son los Ícaros, cantos mágicos transmitidos directamente por los espíritus de las plantas, cuya ejecución es la expresión particular de una relación sumamente precisa entre la visión en el mundo espiritual, la vibración del canto y la búsqueda de la sanación del cuerpo y del espíritu del paciente. A partir de los Ícaros pueden hacer un diagnóstico de los males que nos aquejan y además, llamando a los espíritus de las plantas y negociando directamente con ellos, pueden remediar muchos problemas o definir un tratamiento adecuado.

El increíble arte de estas maestras se distingue por la gran dedicación y el amor maternal con el que ellas se manejan dentro de un mundo encantado, dándolo todo por las personas que vienen buscando su ayuda. Durante las ceremonias de Ayahuasca, ellas tratan a todos y cada uno de los participantes, sin pasar a la siguiente persona hasta que no hayan terminado de poner orden y armonía en la energía o "diseño" de cada cual. Por la intensidad y las implicaciones energéticas de este tipo de trabajo, las ceremonias están limitadas a un máximo de 20 participantes.

A lo largo de más de 4 años al servicio de estas Maestras, hemos trabajado casi exclusivamente con personas que vienen de otras partes del mundo y de horizontes muy diversos. Así, he podido ser testigo de los más extraordinarios resultados tanto a nivel de curaciones de enfermedades crónicas y aparentemente incurables, como de las más diversas aflicciones a nivel psicológico o espiritual propias de la vida urbana moderna.

Es para mí, una urgente pero feliz misión la de tender puentes entre nuestros mundos y un gran honor el de estar al servicio de estas extraordinarias mujeres y su medicina.

Esperando poder compartir pronto esta magia con ustedes, un saludo cordial desde la selva del Perú.

Claude Guislain-antropólogo

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Febrero 16-18 Lugar por confirmar, San Miguel de Allende, Gto

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