Songwriters of San Miguel

Wednesday, May 24, 6-9pm
Café Oso Azul, Zacateros 17

Songwriters of San Miguel

We're happy to announce that we have a Songwriters of San Miguel show scheduled for SMA favorite Cafe Oso Azul! Jens was kind enough to invite us to bring our recurring original music showcase to his cafe to see how it goes. And so I'm hoping we can entice a bunch of y'all to come out and show support and the viablility of having more of these shows there in the future. Cafe Oso Azul is currently ranked #3 among SMA restaurants on TripAdvisor, and is now serving great food and adult beverages in the evenings. Great service and a nice, mellow atmosphere.

Performing at the show will be:

--wonderful SMA duo, by way of Michoacan, Estación Fénix, presenting their new album "Contra-reloj":

--Longtime SMA songwriter, performer and music instructor Sach Rioja:

--San Miguel resident by way of Vancouver, Canada, talented singer/songwriter Ronald Van Dyke:

--Celebrating 30 years of recording his music for release by issuing nine "Best of....." albums during 2017, drawing from over 200 songs across 16 solo and 4 band albums, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Walter Ehresman:

All the artists are committed to bringing an original music scene here to San Miguel, to match the fine scene our town has in the other areas of the Arts. If you feel like that’s something you can support, I hope you’ll come on out and join us.

NOTE: show will not take place if it is raining. +52 415 121 7402

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