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Severe Head trauma, Jhon Franfund´s Story of Survival - talk

Thursday, August 17, 4pm
Biblioteca, Relox 50A

Severe Head trauma, Jhon Franfund´s Story of Survival - talk

Medical Lecture Series

Did you know that every 3 seconds someone suffers severe head trauma and that for every 3 people who suffer a blow to the head after a fall, one has to be operated on? How about the fact that damage to the brain is irreversible? Join us on August 17th from 4:00pm – 5:30pm at the Teatro Santa Ana at the Biblioteca to hear Dr. Rodolfo Guerrro´s patient´s personal head trauma story of survival. Jhon Franfund, resident of San Miguel de Allende, will join us to discuss how he overcame a terrible and unfortunate assault in SMA, which resulted in a gunshot wound to the head. Dr. Guerrero will also review different head trauma types & their treatment.
We ask those interested to RSVP beforehand. Please email or call Mx. Cell: 415-108-0810 or Vonage 971-327-7187 to notify us of your participation. Cost of the session is $100 pesos.
The Medical Lecture Series is presented by Peace of Mind in San Miguel and H+ Hospital San Miguel. Every second Thursday of the month, local board certified doctors will offer key information on how to treat & prevent chronic illness, accidents, & common ailments.

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