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Tango Therapy - class

Tuesdays, February 6-27, 10:30-11:30am
Pure Fitness Studio, Stirling Dickinson
$120 per person $180 per couple

Tango Therapy - class

What soothes your heart, lowers your blood pressure, cancels out diabetes, and counteracts depression?
What allows more balance and confidence to those with Parkinson's disease? And gives people with Downs Syndrome a way to solidly inhabit their bodies with more grace and precision? What unites your psyche with knowledge of the body, inspires your endocrine system with endorphins, and multiplies your chances of a longer and much happier life? Without Alzheimer’s.

Argentine Tango.

Yes, indeed; dance your way to maximum health and superior cognitive mastery within the ecstatic embrace of tango!

Years ago I was a presenter at the first International Tango Therapy Conference in Rosario, Argentina. I was invited to present a miniature version of my workshop: Argentine tango: the Relationship Dance.
The workshop is about the polarities of masculine/feminine energy, the different brain functions of men and women, and how tango is a perfect metaphor for why we need and love, each other.
Mostly medical doctors, psychotherapists and psychologists were conference presenters. Their research, using equipment to measure oxygen consumption and heart rate, clearly shows that dancing tango gives one optimum exercise without strain. In addition, flexibility is increased, self-awareness increases, depression relieved, and social anxieties reduced.

Presentations included: individuation through tango; encountering the psyche’s shadow and using the alchemical process of transformation turning darkness into luminous light,

Feldenkrais method and body awareness with tango. During the “Psicotango,” participants succeeded in using all the senses to rediscover movement and connection to each other. This kind of awareness is at the heart of tango, and is what contributes to the pleasure of the dance. It is the art of play itself, and continual re-discovery, that makes the inner smile widen during a tango dance.
I quote one of the organizers, Oscar Derudi: “ Tango is a marvelous soundtrack to a movie called ‘Life’. “

Come discover fun tango movement through Tango Therapy, a class designed for people post surgery, with any joint or back problems, or for first time tango dancers. Your brain will be working hard, and your body will enjoy a bit of challenge but a lot of fun.

Class is on Tuesdays through January and February from 10:30 to 11:30 AM at Pure Fitness Studio on Stirling Dickinson, a few doors down from Hotel Real de Minas. 120 pesos per person and 180 per couple. Teachers: Christina Johnson and Ezequiel A. Peinado have combined tango teaching experience of 32 years.

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