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Think More About Nature, Presentation And Q&A

Saturday, December 16, 5-8pm
La Casona, Salida a Celaya 77

Think More About Nature, Presentation And Q&A

Emma Marris

i3 is pleased to announce science journalist Emma Marris: "I write about nature, people, food, language, books and film. My goal is to find and tell stories that help us understand the past; take meaningful action in the present; and move towards a greener, wilder, happier and more equal future"

Her work has appeared in National Geographic, the New York Times, Slate, Orion, Discover and more. Her book, Rambunctious Garden is an important read for anyone who cares about the environment. As humans influence every centimeter of Earth, from where species live to its very climate, our strategies for saving nature must change. Her book explains why, and more importantly, how.

A reception will follow the presentation (snacks included, drinks available for purchase).

Tickets are available online, at the Tienda Tesoros in the Biblioteca and at the door the day of the event. Online tickets $14US, Biblioteca Tienda or at the door tickets $250 pesos.

Check out her TED Talk about how we define nature, and what it means for our children.

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