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Women's Health: The Secret to Long Life - talk

Thursday, November 16, 4-5:30pm
Sala Quetzal, Relox 50A

Women's Health: The Secret to Long Life - talk

In this November 16th Medical Lecture “Women’s Health: The Secret to Long Life”, Dr. Grace Lim will discuss women’s life expectancy, the aging process, risk factors to consider, and the importance of prevention and early detection of the most common disorders in women.

We ask people to RSVP beforehand. Please email or call Mx. Cell: 415-108-0810 or Vonage 971-327-7187 to notify us of your participation. Cost of the session is $100 pesos.

The Medical Lecture Series is presented by Peace of Mind in San Miguel and H Hospital San Miguel. Every second Thursday of the month, local board certified doctors will offer key information on how to treat & prevent chronic illness, accidents, & common ailments.

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